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Iconic Dr. Archie Carr Book, The Windward Road, Continues to Inspire

In 1956, Dr. Archie Carr started the global movement to protect sea turtles with his book The Windward Road: Adventures of a Naturalist on Remote Caribbean Shores. The book follows Dr. Carr on a fantastic journey through the Caribbean in search of green turtle nesting beaches. When it was first published, the book sparked an international interest in the conservation of sea turtles and led to the founding of the “Brotherhood of the Green Turtle,” today known as the nonprofit Sea Turtle Conservancy.

windwardrd-2The amazing history of sea turtles and the culture of the Caribbean are portrayed through Dr. Carr’s humorous and delightful writing in a way that both scientists and laypeople can appreciate. The Windward Road entertains, instructs and drives people to action, a combination that has led to the success of the book and inspired many to join the movement to save the green sea turtle.

A revised edition of The Windward Road was published this year. The new edition includes a forward by David Godfrey, the Executive Director of Sea Turtle Conservancy. David, like countless other conservationists, was deeply influenced by Dr. Carr’s writing and infectious love and passion for sea turtles and all other creatures.

Almost everyone working in the field of sea turtle or marine conservation today has been in some way affected by Dr. Carr’s teachings and writings. Sea Turtle Conservancy is proud to carry on Dr. Carr’s legacy and to continue the work he began 57 years ago with The Windward Road.

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