The Windward Road


In 1956, Dr. Archie Carr started the global movement to protect sea turtles with his book The Windward Road: Adventures of a Naturalist on Remote Caribbean Shores. The book follows Dr. Carr on a fantastic journey through the Caribbean in search of green turtle nesting beaches. This book alerted the world to the decline of sea turtle populations and sparked an international interest in the conservation of sea turtles and led to the founding of the “Brotherhood of the Green Turtle,” today known as the nonprofit Sea Turtle Conservancy. The Windward Road also won several awards, including the John Burroughs Medal from the American Museum of Natural History. A revised edition of The Windward Road was published in March 2013. The new edition includes a foreword by David Godfrey, the Executive Director of Sea Turtle Conservancy.

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No single individual did more to promote sea turtle research and conservation than Archie Carr (1909-1987). So entwined did he become with these creatures and the fight against their over exploitation and loss of habitat that the largest wildlife refuge for loggerhead turtles in the world was named in his honor, and World Sea Turtle Day is celebrated internationally on his birthday, June 16.