Policy Initiatives: Coastal Policy Initiative

The Sea Turtle Conservancy initiated a campaign to address the threats to Florida’s nesting sea turtles posed by coastal development, construction of sea walls, and increasing reliance on beach nourishment to protect poorly sited upland development. STC’s Coastal Policy Initiative seeks to eliminate or reduce the continued destruction of Florida’s remaining coastal habitat by addressing the root causes – poorly designed coastal management policies and ineffective enforcement of existing laws and regulations.

Ahead of the Tide
Highlighting the effects of sea level rise and climate change on Florida’s beaches through the stories and voices of Floridians.
Beach Nourishment
A growing battle to hold back the rising sea and steady the constant ebb and flow of sand along the shoreline.
Coastal Armoring
Armoring structures help protect private property from erosion, but reduce suitable sea turtle nesting sites.
beachfrontlights-fwc_tnBeachfront Lighting
A unique, intact, integrated, historical landscape representing a microcosm of history.

Additional Issues:

For more information about STC’s Coastal Policy Initiative, please contact Gary Appelson or David Godfrey or call 352-373-6441.