Educational Initiatives: Outreach Materials

In 1993, the Sea Turtle Conservancy established its Educational Program to begin directly engaging in issues that affect U.S. nesting populations of sea turtles. Drawing on Sea Turtle Conservancy’s five decades of international sea turtle conservation experience, this program is improving the survival outlook for marine turtles in the United States, especially in Florida (which supports 90% of all the sea turtle nesting in continental U.S.), by empowering small, local sea turtle groups throughout the state, providing educational materials, recognizing citizens and businesses working for the benefit of sea turtles and their habitats, and establishing the concept of using sea turtle migration-tracking tracking as an online educational tool.

Educational Resource Warehouse Project

Door Hang Tags & Table Tents.
Predation Education Poster

Educate about the issue of sea turtle nest predation.
Sea Turtle Posters

Florida Sea Turtle Life History Posters Project.

Downloadable PDF files on sea turtle information, conservation, and threats.

Sea Turtle Species Information Sheets – Downloadable PDF file for each sea turtle species.

Florida’s Coastal Friendly Award Winners

Florida’s Sea Turtle Friendly Award Winners

Presentation at the Florida Green Lodging Conference