Educational Initiatives: Distance Learning

Sea Turtle Conservancy has developed a distance-learning program to bring sea turtle education to life through virtual interactions with sea turtle experts. To reach the next generation of technology-savvy students, STC is providing teachers with resources that will increase student awareness about sea turtles and marine conservation. InterACT with Sea Turtles: Distance Learning for K-12 takes an interactive, multimedia approach to sea turtle education using a virtual collaboration system to directly engage students in the classroom. The goal of InterACT is to create an informed, proactive youth that will support sea turtle conservation and become environmental stewards.

This program targets educators with free online resources, access to expert staff and comprehensive lessons plans that make sea turtle education fun and informational. The program includes free virtual presentations and curriculum for teachers. STC hopes InterACT will make sea turtle education more accessible to educators and remove geographic barriers, allowing STC to reach a wider audience and expose more students than ever to sea turtle and marine education, with the ultimate goal of fostering a sense of stewardship for the environment.

Programs currently available are:

  • Introduction to Sea Turtles – An introduction to Sea Turtles, their biology, threats to their survival and conservation efforts. Program will be adapted to the appropriate grade level of the class taking part in the presentation with STC staff. Appropriate for all grade levels, but focused on Elementary School (Grades 1 – 5).
  • Sea Turtle Adaptations – A 5E Lesson around teaching students about phisical adaptations to the environment. Materials provided include activities to be conducted in class before and after the distance learning interaction with STC staff. Appropriate for middle Elementary School to lower High School grade levels (Grade 4 – 10).
  • Sea Turtle Research & Data Evaluation – A 5E Lesson around teaching students how to interpert scientific findings using sea turtles nesting data as the example. Materials provided include activities to be conducted in class before and after the distance learning interaction with STC staff. Appropriate for upper Middle School to all High School grade levels (Grades 7 – 12).
  • Specialized Presentation / Video Conference – A distance learning interaction with STC staff based on teacher’s needs and/or curriculum. Appropriate for all grade levels. Contact Dan Evans at Sea Turtle Conservancy to arrange a date and time for the video conference. Please make arrangements at least two weeks in advance of the date of your conference request. or Phone: 352-373-6441

InterAct uses Skype Video Chat through a web browser. Requirements for full interaction are:

    • 1) Computer with internet connection running an updated web browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended);
    • 2) A projector or smartboard;
    • 3) Speakers and microphone; and
    • 4) Video camera.



InterACT with Sea Turtles was funded by a grant awarded from the Sea Turtle Grants Program. The Sea Turtle Grants Program is funded from proceeds from the sale of the Florida Sea Turtle License Plate. Learn more at