Beachfront Lighting: Education, Outreach and Materials


Each traveling display is three-sided with a different “good lighting practice” highlighted on each side.

Traveling educational displays

Through funding from the Sea Turtle License Plate Grants Program, the Sea Turtle Conservancy conducted Project LIGHTS: Lighting Innovation for Greater Home and Turtle Safety as a public education initiative to dispel concerns about the safety and cost of sea turtle-friendly lights. Project LIGHTS uses four traveling educational displays to “show” coastal residents and visitors how sea turtle-friendly lights can provide safety for both humans and turtles, while also providing a substantial energy cost savings for home owners.

Lighting workshops for code enforcement personnel

STC has developed a lighting workshop program for city and county code enforcement and planning professionals. This workshop informs code enforcement personnel about how artificial light impacts turtles, the current ordinances and regulations on beachfront lighting, and how to recognize poor beachfront lighting. This particular audience is important because it has the authority to enforce the laws that are already in place, so educating them about sea turtle biology and lighting techniques is especially important.

The workshop consists of three 45-minute sections in a classroom, as well as an optional hour-and-a-half field component where STC staff takes the audience on the beach at night to show them how to identify problem lights.



In collaboration with FWC, STC developed a beachfront lighting guide. Click here to download it.

STC’s lighting team has developed printable brochures detailing the retrofit process, the benefits to retrofitting, the impact of beachfront lighting and more. Click here to download “Sea Turtles and Lighting.” Click here to download the brochure about STC’s lighting program.

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