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Cumulative distance traveled: 2,494 km (1,550 miles)

Distance covered since last location: 13 km

Notes: Choroeüo continues to stay near the islands in the northern Bahamas. Straight line distance is 1,899 km.

Sea floor depth: between 50 and 1,000 m

Interactive Tracking Map

Cumulative Distance refers to how far the turtle has actually travelled since it was first tagged. Straight Line Distance refers to the distance between where the turtle was first tagged and its current position in a straight line.

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Map courtesy of Sea Turtle Conservancy. Data © STC.
This map is updated with new points as soon as they are received by the Sea Turtle Conservancy. The red location point is the most recent location received for this turtle. If the red point is more than two months old, then the transmitter is most likely no longer working.

Map may be reproduced for educational or conservational purposes with the following credit: “Data and map © STC.”

Several project satellite transmitters, including this one, and the Sea Turtle Migration-Tracking Education Program were funded in part by the Disney Wildlife