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Update on construction of new Educational Kiosk in Tortuguero, Costa Rica

At the end of September 2010, STC initiated the construction of a Education Kiosk in Tortuguero, Costa Rica. The building is constructed with concrete floor, a wooden frame and a traditional thatched roof made with the leaves of a local palm species known as the royal palm tree, Manicaria saccifera.

The goal this new facility is to offer a better learning experience for tourists and the Tortuguero Community. The Education Kiosk will feature an informative video, information panel displays and serve as a meeting facility for the local community.

STC was able to build this facility thanks to support from Tourism Cares and three French volunteers who dedicated a month of sweat and expertise.

— Update from the staff in Tortuguero, Costa Rica

From left to right: Ivan (STC staff), Alain, Jose (STC staff), Rene and Robert