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Support wildlife conservation by purchasing a specialty license plate in your state!

It’s been 20 years since Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) led the successful campaign to create a sea turtle license plate in Florida. Now, two decades later, the Helping Sea Turtles Survive license plate is the top selling environmental plate in the state. Revenue generated by the sea turtle tag stretches a long way. Seventy percent of the plate’s proceeds fund the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Marine Turtle Protection Program (MTPP). The remaining funds are routed through STC, which distributes funding annually through the Sea Turtle Grants Program (STGP).  Since its establishment, the STGP has been able to award more than $4 million in grants to more than 230 sea turtle research, conservation and education projects (

plateMany other states have similar license plates that also help raise money for sea turtles or local wildlife. Check out our list below!

  •  Endangered Species (South Carolina) The plate features the official state reptile, the loggerhead sea turtle, and the funds are used by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to conserve and protect the state’s endangered and threatened species. ( plate
  •  Jekyll Island Sea Turtle plate (Georgia) – The tag was introduced in 2010 and the funds it produces provide financial support for the Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island. The plate also increases awareness of the center on Jekyll Island and the work it is doing to protect and treat injured sea turtles on Georgia’s coast. ( Island Plate
  • “Save the sea turtles” (North Carolina) The plate fee is $20, and $10 of every purchase is returned to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.( plate
  • Save the Ridley (Texas) The plate is part of an initiative lead by Casa Tortuga, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to promoting the protection of threatened and endangered sea turtles, that aims to establish a specialty license plate to benefit Texas-based sea turtle conservation efforts.(
  • Whale Tail (California) “Save the beach. Buy a plate.” Sponsored by the California Coastal Commission; funds are used to support coastal education efforts such as the annual Coastal Cleanup Day, the year ‘round “Adopt a Beach” program, and the Whale Tail grants program.( whale plate
  •  Environmental Education (Louisiana) “Buy a plate to educate.” Supports funding of environmental education grants for educators and students, the annual Environmental Education Symposium, etc. ( plate
  •  Bald Eagle “Give Wildlife a Chance” plate (Georgia): fund benefits endangered and nongame wildlife and plants through conservation, education, land acquisition and recreation projects. ( eagle plate
  •  Osprey Plate “Conservation through Education” (Rhode Island): supports environmental conservation through education at the Audobon Society m of Rhode Island or Save the Bay. ( RI plate

Many states have some sort of wildlife conservation specialty license plate, and this is not a comprehensive list. If your state doesn’t offer a wildlife conservation plate, or even if you just want to add some sea turtle love to your vehicle, check out our replica sea turtle license plate! It can be added to the front of your vehicle, the window or anywhere you see fit and is just $12.95. 

You can also purchase a sea turtle frame for your standard license plate from Blue Marlin License Frames. Ten percent of each purchase is donated to STC! 627250_orig