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Environmental education is paramount in Tortuguero


During school vacations, STC hosts fun projects like the above. Seen here, students have the opportunity to create turtles using recycled materials.

In order for STC to succeed in our mission, environmental education is paramount.  In Tortuguero, Education and Outreach Coordinator, Georgina Zamora, plans and implements relevant curriculum in the local kindergarten, elementary/middle school, and high school (among other programs).  Alongside Georgina, Research Assistants, interns, and Eco-Volunteers engage the young community members in hands-on activities not only focused on sea turtles, but also environmental issues, the three R’s, and the spectacular animals and plants found in Costa Rica.  We hope that we can develop environmental awareness in Tortuguero’s young people so they are curious and protective of the gorgeous landscape surrounding them.  We also hope to foster a sense of critical thinking about solutions to real-world problems.