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**NOTE: Wildlife Collections is NOT a scam and they are STC’s exclusive turtle tracking jewelry partner. The following article is about the many other companies who are illegally using our tracking data and claiming to support our conservation programs.**

SCAM ALERT! Companies operating under a variety of names are advertising on Facebook, selling products online, and illegally using STC’s turtle tracking maps as a perk to buyers. If you have been purchased jewelry and were offered an STC tracked turtle from Turtle’s Journey (, Wildlife Team (, Wildlife Mission (, or Wildlife Charm (, then they are using Sea Turtle Conservancy’s turtle tracking information illegally and without our permission. Don’t be duped or support the scammers. The one exception is “Wildlife Collections,” which has an exclusive partnership with STC involving our tracked turtles.

If you have been scammed, please do NOT email or call STC if you haven’t received your order or if you have questions about your turtle. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. The greatest inconvenience to STC (aside from having our copyrighted information stolen) is the valuable staff time that is being wasted responding to people’s complaints rather than actually working to protect sea turtles. Instead, we encourage you to report the activity of these companies to the Better Business Bureau, Shopify, and Facebook (contact information below).

How to report scam companies:

File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau:

Report online shops to Shopify:

Report pages to Facebook:


If you would like to purchase bracelets and track a turtle from a legitimate company that actually donates to STC, we encourage you to check out Wildlife Collections, who has donated more than $30,000 to STC.

Additionally, if you ever question the legitimacy of a company who claims to partner with STC, we encourage you to reference the PARTNERS page on our website, which we update regularly.