Turtle Tracker – Carolina Blue T-Shirt

Sea Turtle Conservancy has developed a new t-shirt partnership with Tortuga Moon. For the first time ever you can track a turtle when you purchase a t-shirt for $29.95. Your shirt includes an exclusive QR code for access to select the turtle of your choice. Shirts are 100% cotton, adult sizes only S – XXL.

Shirts are purchased through Tortuga Moon, to purchase the Turtle Tracker – Carolina Blue T-Shirt, visit:



How do I track my turtle?

  • Simply scan the included QR code with your phone to open the tracking website in a browser!
  • You can also use the link provided on your tag!

How often is my turtle track updated?

  • Turtle Tracking is handled by Sea Turtle Conservancy
  • Tracking signals are sent each time the turtle surfaces for air, but getting a location depends on the satellites and the turtle’s behavior. A new location is usually posted each day, but it can sometimes be a few days between updates!
  • If your turtle doesn’t move for awhile, don’t panic! It is possible that there is algae on the antenna, they are less active, or they are not at the surface long enough for the satellite to locate the turtle.

Who do I contact about my shirt?

  • For shipping, billing or T-Shirt issues please email Tortuga Moon directly at: