Policy Initiatives: International Issues: Bahamas: Clifton Conservation Area Master Plan

Conservation Area’s Purpose:

To contribute to the preservation of the cultural and natural identity of the Bahamas and to create a place of national importance.

Clifton Conservation Area is to be managed to:

Preserve and protect it’s natural and cultural resources and ecological processes, as well as its scenic, aesthetic, and scientific values.

Provide opportunities for visitors to experience and understand the environmental interrelationships, resources, and values of Clifton Pier without jeopardizing the Conservation Area’s resources.

Provide opportunities for scientific study and archaeological research focused on Clifton Pier that is concerned with resource protection.

Make planning decisions on the regional level so concepts developed in the Conservation Area can be linked to adjacent areas.

Permit only development that is compatible with the natural surroundings, historic setting and architecture, while being energy efficient and including use of alternative energy sources and transportation methods.

Minimize new disturbance; necessary services and facilities should be provided in existing disturbed areas where possible.

Ensure that the Conservation Area can be enjoyed by and benefit of all Bahamians and future generations.

Preserve critical ecological processes and linkages that ensure preservation of rare, endemic, and specially protected (threatened / endangered) plant and animal species.

Click above to see enlarged image depicting one of several options for the development of a Clifton Conservation Area/protected area at Clifton Pier. This particular draft plan depicts the minimum development option. Another option, still being prepared, would include more educational facilities and a visitor center.