Satellite Tracking | Millana

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Distance traveled: 1,090 km (677 mi)
Notes: Millana was part of STC’s Tour de Turtles Marathon Migration Event and was one of nine turtles trying to swim a distance of 2,600 km first. Millana’s transmitter stopped sending signals at the end of September while feeding in the Gulf of Mexico. She did not complete the distance before her transmitter stopped working.

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Map courtesy of Sea Turtle Conservancy. Data © STC.
This map is updated with new points as soon as they are received by the Sea Turtle Conservancy. The turtle icon point is the most recent location received for this turtle. If the red point is more than two months old, then the transmitter is most likely no longer working.

Map may be reproduced for educational purposes with the following credit: “Data and map © STC.”