Get Involved: Throw a Sea Turtle Party

STC invites you to celebrate sea turtles by asking you to host the most Turtle-rrific Sea Turtle Party. Gather your family, friends and colleagues to raise awareness about sea turtles and the threats to their survival, while having fun!

STC’s House Parties Program is designed to give turtle enthusiasts the opportunity to get more involved and help raise awareness about sea turtle conservation. House Parties are an excellent way to educate people about issues facing sea turtles and ways they can support STC’s mission.

Everyone is invited to get involved and become a House Party Host. The House Parties Program features a fully customizable Toolkit that can be downloaded for free. This provides House Party Host with a step-by-step guide that makes planning a party simple.

You are invited to download and browse through the House Party Toolkit to explore the possibilities of hosting your own party, including theme ideas, fundraising tips, invitations, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s is a House Party?

    A: In order to raise awareness and help get members involved, STC created the House Parties Program to provide sea turtle enthusiasts with a customizable, party planning toolkit centered on sea turtles and habitat conservation. The goal of these parties is to raise awareness about sea turtles and teach others about actions they can take to help these endangered reptiles survive.

Q: Who can throw a House Party?

    A: Anyone can do it! House Parties are designed to be customizable, which means they can be big, small, or any size in between. You also can design the House Parties to fit any budget or locations. All that is needed is a little enthusiasm, a dash of creativity and a lot of love for sea turtles.

Q: How do House Parties help sea turtles?

    A: With so many groups supporting the environment and wildlife, it is essential that sea turtle fans speak up about protecting these ancient creatures. House Parties are a vehicle for sharing your support of sea turtle with family, friends and colleagues. House Parties are a personal way to encourage people to learn more about sea turtles and ways they can get involved. It is also a great opportunity to raise money for sea turtle conservation!

Q: How can I become a House Party Host?

    A: Becoming a House Party Host is easy! Click here to download the FREE House Party Toolkit that has all the information you need to throw a sea turtle party. You can also purchase a House Party Toolkit that includes stickers, brochures and a sample adoption kit. You can add your event to the Sea Turtle Calendar too, if it is open to the public. Then, take lots of pictures and collect information from your guest. By sharing this with STC, you are helping us build a network of people interested in supporting sea turtles. Finally, send us your feedback form. STC has designed the House Party Toolkit to appeal to a wide range of party hosts, but we are always looking for ways to improve the Toolkit.

Q: What if I have additional questions?

      • A: We are happy to help you plan your next House Party or answer any questions you may have. For more information, please call e-mail at