Educational Initiatives: Distance Learning: Sea Turtle Adaptations

Title of Lesson: Sea Turtle Adaptations

Length of Lesson: 2 to 3, 50 minute class periods

Grade / Topic: 4th – 11th grade science (biology, environmental science, classification, adaptations)

One of the hallmarks of science is close and careful observation of the world around us. In order to make sense of the diverse living organisms we study, scientists needed to develop a way to place them into categories based on their physical and behavioral characteristics. We call this process classification. Carolus Linnaeus developed the system of binomial nomenclature (Genus species) we use today to classify different species. A species is defined in this case as a group of organisms in which all members are closely related, similar in structure and appearance and able to successfully breed with one another to produce fertile offspring. One way to identify the species of an unknown organism is to make close observations of that organisms’ physical features and, using a dichotomous key, eliminate other, similar species until only one remains.

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