STC Programs: Bermuda Turtle Project

Bermuda is one of a number of locations worldwide where post-pelagic, immature green turtles occur in the complete absence of adults. It may be the best site in the world where green turtles of this age can be studied in their natural habitat. Whereas most studies of sea turtles take place on nesting beaches, Bermuda provides scientists and resource managers with a unique opportunity to study the little understood juvenile stage of the green turtle.

The research efforts of the Bermuda Turtle Project are focused on filling in the information gaps on green turtle biology so that successful protection may be given to these fascinating, vanishing animals.

The Bermuda Turtle Project is a collaborative effort of the Sea Turtle Conservancy and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. STC’s Dr. Daniel Evans and Richard Herren serve as the project’s Scientific Directors, Drs. Anne Meylan and Peter Meylan serve as project advisors, and Jennifer Gray is the Project Coordinator.

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