Kempthorne’s Anti-Endangered Species Act Bill (S 1180) Scheduled for the Senate Floor

Date: September 17, 1998
Contact: Dan Evans
Phone: (352) 373-6441

How You Can Help

Congratulations and Thanks! Efforts by Congress during the past two days to turn S 1180, referred to as the Kempthorne into an amendment “rider” on Interior Appropriations have failed.

HOWEVER, word from the Senate is that the leadership has agreed to bring S 1180 to the floor for a vote — as a “stand-alone” bill sometime in the next week. For more detailed information on the S 1180 check out the Kempthorne bill vs. the Miller bill. S 1180 is a so-called Endangered Species Recovery Act and is opposed by all the major environmental organizations.

Kempthorne’s bill would lead to the demise of the strength and effectiveness of the ESA, including the use of Turtle Excluder Devices by shrimpers. Conservation organizations have been left out of the discussion of this bill. This bill completely undermines Rep. Miller’s beneficial Endangered Species Recovery Act that is in the House.


PLEASE call your Senators and urge them to vote against the S 1180 Kempthorne bill in any form, stand alone or if they try again to attach it as a rider.

You can phone any member of Congress by calling the U.S. Capital Switchboard at (202) 224-3121