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Cumulative distance traveled: 8,178 km (5,082 miles)
Distance covered since last location: 127 km
Average speed from last location: 1.32 kph (0.82 mph)
Time tracked: 152 days
Notes: No locations were received between July 9 and August 24 (stars on the map), a period of 46 days. The line between those points does not represent actual movements.

Please note: The presentation of data here does not constitute publication, and the researchers who contributed this data retain all intellectual property rights.

Map created by Sea Turtle Conservancy using Google Earth Mapping API. Data & Map © STC.
This map is updated with new points as soon as they are received by the Sea Turtle Conservancy. The turtle icon location point is the most recent location received for this turtle. If the most recent point is more than two months old, then the transmitter is most likely no longer working.

Map may be reproduced for educational purposes with the following credit: “Data and map © STC.”