Tortuguero Sea Turtle Experiences: Comments

Comments from people who have taken part in STC’s Eco-Volunteer Adventures


“During the day I hiked through the National Park to look for monkeys and birds. I enjoyed just roaming through the rainforest to see what I could find. I also enjoyed shopping in the village.” – Jeannette Dawson, Green Turtle Program

“I did not realize how tough it would be to hike 10 miles of beach at night without a moon. That was hard work…Leatherback turtles are so beautiful though, I didn’t mind. Thank you for the opportunity to work with the STC and sea turtles! – John Beowulf, Leatherback Program

“Turtles … an amazing sight under a full moon to see so many wonderful creatures on their nesting crawls.” – Bill Allen, Green Turtle Program

“I recently got back from Tortuguero. It was the most amazing trip and I had a wonderful time working with the research interns and Sabastian T. I was able to see and help with five leatherback sea turtles during the 10 days that I was there. I walked the beaches for 10-miles a night as well as some day track surveys…I really understand more about leatherback research now and how important your project in Tortuguero is.” – Jill Rolph, Leatherback Program

“Last night in Tortuguero and I just saw my first leatherback and counted the eggs – magical and worth all the walking! Wow.” Jodi Richardson, Leatherback Program

“The walks on the beach at night may be hard, but the moment your first turtle, your heart starts to beat faster, you get excited, and all the work pays off.”Scott Brown, Green Turtle Program

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. It has been a rewarding journey that I hope I can enjoy again. I am so happy that I was able to contribute to these incredible creatures.” Tom Turner, Green Turtle Program

“When we found a nesting turtle, we would check to see that it had been tagged, measure its carapace, count its eggs and mark the nest. To witness a turtle nesting was amazing. They lumber to shore, dig their nest with their hind flippers, cover their nest by moving sand with all of their flippers, and then camouflage said nest by crawling over and around it in circles.” – Sue Zamkow, Leatherback Program

“It is very rewarding to know that I’ve helped in some way. Thank you for the wonderful experience you have provided me with. It is something I will never forget.” – Erin McInroy, Green Turtle Program

“The best part of the program was the hands-on experience with the turtles, the confidence I gained, and the incredible people I worked with. Thank you for a wonderful life altering experience!” – Danica Zupic, Green Turtle Program

“It was a great adventure and challenge, and it was fun to learn something new!” – Nancy Cutler, Green Turtle Program

“I have spent the last 3 years doing international volunteer work, so I’ve had many experiences with a variety of projects that had different fee scales and various levels of organization and effectiveness. The high level of organization, well thought out effective program and comfortable accommodations are compatible with the fee. I did wonder if others would realize the actual difficulty of the nightly walking on the soft sand (about 6 miles during a 5 hour shift). It took me a week to adjust to the heat and walking, so I was particularly glad to have the second week to really enjoy.” – Barbara Chamberlain, Leatherback Program

“The Bird Research team were very friendly, informative, and knowledgeable about their research. They exposed us to their study and the different species of birds in Tortuguero. Our experience in Tortuguero has been one of learning and awareness – we have very much enjoyed this program.” Candance Yeung & Joanne Cheung, Bird Program

“The STC program is not your ordinary vacation! You’ll work hard, but feel privileged to do so. The program will give you a personal perspective on why conservation is important. I felt that it was an incredible opportunity to contribute to an important cause and to learn about sea turtles. An added bonus was meeting a wonderful group of people who have a passion for their work. I would highly recommend this program!” – Sing Chan, Green Turtle Program

“The best part of the program was the turtles and the opportunity to participate in a real research program with knowledgeable, dedicated people.” – Curt Fuhrmann, Green Turtle Program

“The work being done here is incredible and the experience can be matched by none other. Watching a turtle emerge, make her way up, prepare her nest, and lay her eggs is an amazing sight. Thank you.” – Tracia Crow, Green Turtle Program

“Everything about this trip was amazing, from the turtles, to the sunsets, to even the rice and beans!” – Courtney Steffens, Green Turtle Program

“I had a lot of fun. Everyone was so nice and I can’t believe how much I learned. I really want to come back.” Brittany Bruce, Leatherback Program