Support STC: Donate to an Endowment

A Statement from STC’s Executive Director

As the world’s oldest sea turtle conservation group, STC’s mission from the beginning has been to study and monitor marine turtles so that these magnificent animals and their habitats could be better understood and protected. That sea turtles are such important contributors to the health of the world’s marine ecosystems, was little understood in 1959, when STC was established. The founding members of STC quite simply viewed sea turtles as amazing creatures that needed saving. And that’s exactly what the organization has done.

STC has come a long way, and achieved many conservation successes since its founding over 60 years ago. It is appropriate for STC to celebrate that success, while at the same time preparing for the long-term future of the organization.  This next chapter requires that we look ahead at the daunting work still needed to safeguard sea turtles and their habitats. To ensure STC is equipped to carry on its mission, confronting the latest threats to sea turtle survival, we have established two Endowment Funds that each will provide reliable and lasting financial support for our work.

The Founders Circle Endowment is building upon pledges and gifts already received from STC Board members — with an eye toward securing at least $5 million. An endowment of this size will ensure that STC can continue, indefinitely, its core programs in Costa Rica, Panama, Bermuda, Florida and the Caribbean.

In addition, STC is working with members of the Randgaard Family to grow the Lisa Jo Randgaard Fund (Lisa’s Fund). Lisa was a longtime Sea Turtle Conservancy member who passed away unexpectedly in 2012, at age 43, due to complications from a congenital heart condition. To honor Lisa’s passion for wildlife and its protection, especially her love of sea turtles, the Randgaard family worked with STC to establish The Lisa Jo Randgaard Fund, making it STC’s first member-initiated endowment fund.

The time could not be better for STC to grow both of these endowment funds. Our longevity as an organization, combined with a superb record of conservation successes, establish STC as a reliable and worthy investment. On behalf of STC’s staff and Board of Directors, I invite you to take part in building these endowment funds. Please use the form below to donate to either fund, or contact me personally at (352) 373-6441 or by email at if you have any questions.


David Godfrey
Executive Director