STC Kicks Off the 9th Annual Tour de Turtles

Issue 2, 2016

STC Kicks Off the 9th Annual Tour de Turtles

By Lexie Beach

The 9th Annual Tour de Turtles is right around the corner! Officially kicking off on August 1st, this year’s marathon migration promises to bring new fun, education and turtle friends.

Over the past nine years, STC has released dozens of turtles from nesting sites in Florida, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the West Indies. These turtles have provided invaluable data on migratory routes and foraging grounds for five sea turtle species in the Western Hemisphere. The public turtle releases conducted at the start of each year’s Tour de Turtles annually draw more than 5,000 people, and the online portion of the event has reached millions of avid turtle enthusiasts over the years.

This year, STC is putting satellite transmitters on a record 13 turtles and hosting live sea turtle release events in Florida, Tortuguero, and Nevis. Especially exciting is that STC is planning to release three green sea turtles in Cuba, which has never been done before. Another new release event will be near Clearwater, Florida as we tag and release a rehabilitated loggerhead with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.