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5 Easy Ways to Make a Difference for Sea Turtles on Earth Day April

Five Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day May

This Father’s Day, give Dad an especially meaningful gift June

Looking for a Halloween costume? Dress as an endangered sea turtle October

Sea Turtle Adoptions: Green Holiday Gifts That Make a Difference December

Step Out of Your Shell This Valentine’s Day: Get Your Sweetheart a Unique Gift February

Wanted: Environmental Heroes Who Will Make a Difference, While Having the Adventure of a Lifetime!

Lawsuit Launched to Protect Sea Turtles from Drowning in Shrimp Fishing Nets February 25, 2014

STC Joins the Global #GivingTuesday Movement To Encourage Spending With A Purpose November 14, 2013

STC Receives $50,000 Grant from Wells Fargo-NFWF to Support Sea Turtle Lighting and Dune Enhancement March 1, 2013

Sea Turtle Conservancy Honored As 2012 Top-Rated Nonprofit December 10, 2012

Giant Leatherback Wins Nonprofit’s Sea Turtle Migration Marathon December 7, 2012

Stop Sea Turtle Farming October 18, 2012

New Turtle Tracking Technique May Aid Efforts to Save Loggerheads September 20, 2012

Settlement Will Help Prevent Sea Turtles From Drowning in Fishing Nets May 9, 2012

Canadian swordfish eco-certified despite deaths of endangered sea turtles and sharks April 20, 2012

2012 Tour de Turtles T-Shirt Contest April 16, 2012

Sea Turtle Conservancy Assists Mexican Authorities in Protecting Endangered Sea Turtles in the Gulf April 5, 2012

Endangered Turtles and Sharks Lose Out in MSC Longline Swordfish Certification February 8, 2012

Florida Coastal And Ocean Coalition Releases: Florida’s Coastal And Ocean Future: An Updated Blueprint For Economic And Environmental Leadership January 4, 2012

Conservation Groups Move to Stop Sea Turtle Deaths From Shrimp Trawling October 13, 2011

Challenging “Sustainable” Swordfish to Protect U.S. Sea Turtles: Canadian Fishery Mocks US Environmental Standards September 29, 2011

New Endangered Species Act (ESA) Listings for Sea Turtles September 19, 2011

Court Finds the National Marine Fisheries Service Violated the Law and Must Take New Action to Protect Threatened Sea Turtles After Gulf Oil Spill July 6, 2011

Lawsuit Launched to Protect Sea Turtles From Drowning in Shrimp Trawls May 31, 2011

Little Tikes Joins Forces with the Sea Turtle Conservancy to Raise Awareness about Worldwide Threats to Sea Turtles April 4, 2011

Victory for Florida’s Threatened and Endangered Sea Turtles January 26, 2011

STC’s Florida Sea Turtle Life History Posters Project: Free posters can be requested by Florida sea turtle groups, rehabilitation facilities, schools, and others.November, 2010

With Strong Bipartisan Support, a New Wildlife Stamp for Conservation Passes Congress September 24, 2010

2011 Sea Turtle Calendar Contest September 3, 2010

As Efforts to Rescue Sea Turtles Affected by the Gulf Oil Spill Continue, Surviving Turtles Now Face Drowning in Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Nets August 24, 2010

Start Your Flippers for 2010 Tour de Turtles: Online adventure follows the journey of 10 sea turtles August 1, 2010

New Poll: 71% of Florida Voters Want Vote on Banning Oil Drilling July 19, 2010

Leatherback Sea Turtle Named ‘Dawn’ Migrates Toward Oil Spill July 12, 2010

Oldest Sea Turtle Conservation Group Changes Name to Sea Turtle Conservancy June 16, 2010

Sea Turtle Grant Program Awards $335,000 to Support Research, Conservation and Education March 23, 2010

U.S. Proposes to List Loggerhead Sea Turtles as Endangered – An Endangered Species Act Success Story Turned on its Head March 10, 2010

CCC Takes Action To Help Cold Stunned Turtles January 13, 2010

Hands Across the Sand – Join Together to Protect Florida and Oppose Oil Drilling January 11, 2010

Groups Sue National Marine Fisheries Service to Protect Loggerhead Sea Turtles December 21, 2009

In Hot Water: Three Florida Species Among America’s Most Vulnerable Species December 4, 2009

From Shock to Taking Stock: Celebrating 50 years of Successful Sea Turtle Conservation November 2, 2009

CCC’s Tortuguero Program Recgonized as Marine Conservation Success Story September 28, 2009

Ban on Harvesting Marine Turtles in The Bahamas August 28, 2009

Tracking Sea Turtle Migrations Supports Science and Education July 28, 2009

Centennial Tribute to Archie Carr – The Father of Sea Turtle Research & Conservation June 15, 2009

Emergency Action Implemented for Threatened and Endangered Sea Turtles April 30, 2009

Florida Urged To Improve Ocean And Coastal Protection Efforts March, 2009

Conservation Groups Demand Immediate Protection for Sea Turtles Jeopardized by Commercial Bottom Longline Fishing off Florida’s West Coast January 13, 2009

Tour de Turtles Continues Despite Tropical Storm Fay August 21, 2008

Bush Administration fails to protect sea turtles yet again July 8, 2008

CCC and its partners release cutting edge report on protecting Florida’s coastal resources. Read “Preparing for a Sea Change in Florida – A strategy to Cope with the Impacts of Global Warming.” May, 2008

Sea Turtles Prepare to Storm the Beaches; Friendly Allies Receive Financial Reinforcements May 1, 2008

Barrier Island Sanctuary Management & Education Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Announced April, 2008

Conservation Group Releases Video on Coastal Issues February, 2008

Scientists Publish Good News for Green Turtles December 19, 2007

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nesting Hits Record Low in Florida November, 2007

CCC Researchers Travel to Nevis to Track Two New Hawksbills July 31, 2007

Turtle Travel: The Cure for the Common Vacation July 17, 2007

Comprehensive Beach Preservation Bill Passes In Favor of the Beach-Going Public and Coastal Wildlife May 4, 2007

Highly Collectible Vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Posters Offered to Promote Sea Turtle Conservation April 11, 2007

Caribbean Conservation Corporation Receives Royal Caribbean Ocean Fund Grant to Produce Educational Videos about Sea Turtles and the Archie Carr RefugeMarch 30, 2007

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nesting in Steep Decline November 9, 2006

Batteries Not Necessary: Adopt an Endangered Sea Turtle for Someone You Love, and Give a Year-long Commitment to the Future November, 2006

CCC’s Sea Turtle Tracking Program Celebrates Its 10th Year July, 2006

Internet Web-Cast of a Sea Turtle Nesting in Archie Carr Refuge July, 2006

Marine Turtle Conservation Act Funding Update July, 2006

Fourth Year of Caribbean Leatherback Tracking & Conservation Project June, 2006

CCC and Villa Montana Resort in Puerto Rica launch sea turtle education program. June, 2006

Adopt a Turtle for Mom on Mother’s Day May, 2006

Florida Sea Turtle Plate Grants Awarded for 2006 April, 2006

Conservation Groups Join Costa Rica in Condemning Illegal Shipment of Green Turtles to Europe April, 2006

Turtle Plate Funds Help Florida’s Sea Turtles Survive September 1, 2005

Ancient Mariners Phone Home July 12, 2005

Scientists startled by Florida loggerhead turtle decline January 21, 2005

Four Seasons Resort Nevis Launches Sea Turtle Adoption & Education Program January 20, 2005

Long-Awaited Plan to Protect Sea Turtles By Regulating the Use of Sea Walls at Important Nesting Beaches in Florida Gains Federal Approval December 2, 2004

Sea Turtle Conservation in Developing World to Be Funded July 7, 2004

Long-Term Conservation Effort Offers Hope for Sea Turtles July 1, 2004

Florida Congressmen Support Landmark Legislation to Save the World’s Endangered Sea Turtles June 15, 2004

Disney And Some Of Florida’s Most Prominent Conservaton Groups Join Forces To Help Protect Sea Turtles June 10, 2004

Diving Company Supports CCC’s Efforts to Save Endangered Sea Turtles June 7, 2004

U.S. Ocean Commission Report Ignores Sea Turtles June 1, 2004

It’s No Shell Game, Turtle Plate Funds Help Sea Turtles Survive September 19, 2003

National TV Show Spotlights Caribbean Conservation Corporation August 8, 2003

Turtle House Foundation established within the world’s oldest sea turtle conservation group July 22, 2003

Florida’s Sea Turtle Grants Program to be managed by world’s oldest sea turtle conservation group July 1, 2003

Kids Can Track the Migrations of Real Sea Turtles; Like the Ones in the Most Recent Walt Disney Pictures Presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios Film, “Finding Nemo” June 12, 2003

Space-Age Technology Helps Protect Endangered Leatherback Sea Turtles June 12, 2003

CCC Supports New Turtle Excluder Device Rules Approved by NMFS to Protect Sea Turtles February 21, 2003

Sea Turtle Researchers and Conservation Groups Ask U.N. to Protect Leatherbacks from Longline Fisheries February 20, 2003

Costa Rica Asks Governor Bush to Protect Florida’s Sea Turtle Habitats November 20, 2002

Cayman Islands Turtle Farm Proposal Fails at CITES November 14, 2002

Cayman Islands Hatches Scheme to Export Endangered Sea Turtle Products November 7, 2002

Costa Rica Provides a World Example for Sea Turtle Protection October 16, 2002

Wanted: Environmental Heroes Who Will Make a Difference, While Having the Adventure of a Lifetime September 20, 2002

FL and GA Senators Support Larger TED Proposal August, 2002

Florida Businesses Awarded for Being ‘Sea Turtle Friendly’ June 27, 2002

Costa Rica’s outgoing Minister of the Environment and Energy Rejects Oil Company’s Appeal May 15, 2002

Costa Rican Authorities Reject Oil Exploration Along Caribbean Coast, Potential Impacts on Sea Turtles a Major Consideration March 4, 2002

Caribbean Conservation Corporation Works With Groups Around Florida to Provide Educational Materials February 15, 2002

Aquarina Parcels in Archie Carr Refuge Purchased January 16, 2002

“Miss Junie” Captured and Killed by Turtle Fishermen off the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua January 7, 2002

Costa Rican Sea Turtle Conservation Network Confiscates Illegal Hawksbill Turtle Jewelry January 3, 2002

Sea Turtle Specialty License Plate Makes Good On Its Promise October 2, 2001

CCC & VOA Sponsor Sea Turtle Research Program in Costa Rica for Twelve U.S. Teachers and Students August 24, 2001

Xcacel has been saved August 13, 2001

Bush’s Former Oil Company Threatens Endangered Sea Turtles in Costa Rica: 800 turtle scientists issue plea April 4, 2001

Xcacel project suspended by Environment Ministry April 27, 2001

Caribbean Conservation Corporation and Coastal Conservation Groups Present Coastal Friendly Awards for first time March 14, 2001

Critically Endangered Leatherback Turtle from Costa Rica Makes Rare Visit to Florida January 29, 2001

Volvo’s TV-Ad Turtle Donated to World’s Oldest Sea Turtle Conservation Group January 19, 2001

Land Acquisition Funds for the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge November 1, 2000

President Clinton Signs Sea Turtle Protection Treaty October 13, 2000

U.S. Congress Ratifies Sea Turtle Protection Treaty October 8, 2000

Cyber-Age Turtles to Cruise the Caribbean July 18, 2000

Florida Cabinet Honors Sea Turtle Protection Volunteers and Designates June through October as “Sea Turtle Protection Months” in Florida June 13, 2000

Cuba’s Requests to Reopen Hawksbill Trade Defeated April 18, 2000

Hawksbill Proposals are a Croc April 13, 2000

Court Upholds Constitutionally Mandated Protection of Florida’s Threatened and Endangered Sea Turtles, Manatees, and Other Marine Species March 10, 2000

Does the “E” in stand for “Endangered Species” January 10, 2000

Tens of Thousands of Florida’s Sea Turtle Hatchlings Lost to Hurricane Floyd September 21, 1999

Legal Action Taken to Ensure Constitutional Protection of Florida’s Threatened and Endangered Marine Species August 3, 1999

Florida Cabinet Designates “Sea Turtle Protection Months” and Honors Caribbean Conservation Corporation for its Forty Years of Sea Turtle Conservation May 25, 1999

Lawsuit Victory Halts Legal Killing of Green Sea Turtles in Costa Rica March 11, 1999

Sea Turtle Group Applauds Pompano Beach on New Lighting Ordinance February 10, 1999

Forty-year Sea Turtle Conservation Effort in Costa Rica Produces Results February 1, 1999

Federal Judge Allows Sea Turtle Smuggler to Return to Costa Rica With No Penalty January 11, 1999

Fishery Council Votes to Ban the Harvest of Sargassum Sea Weed December 14, 1998

566 Sea Turtles Found Dead Along Florida Shores from January to June 1998; Boat/Sea Turtle Collisions Twice that of Previous Ten-year Average August 31, 1998

Rehabilitated Sea Turtle to be Set Free with Satellite Transmitter Allowing its Migration to be Tracked by the Public on the Internet August 17, 1998

Two-week USFWS Sting Operation Nets 12 People Smuggling Sea Turtle Meat, Eggs Into the U.S. August 4, 1998

Caribbean Conservation Corporation to Launch New Educational Program May 20, 1998

Florida Legislature Passes Resolution Recognizing the Severity of a Disease Threatening Endangered Sea Turtles; Urges More Studies into the Problem May 5, 1998

International Agreement for the Conservation of Caribbean Sea Turtles Set to be Signed by the Presidents of Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua May 5, 1998

Spanish version of the Tri-Partite Agreement and English version of the Tri-Partite Agreement (Note: the English version is a preliminary and unofficial translation of the document.)

For more information about any of these issues call CCC at (352) 373-6441. You can also email CCC at