Sea Turtle Conservancy Media Resources: Action Alert Archive

Stop Congress from Erasing Protections for Visitors, Turtles, and Birds at Cape Hatteras! April 25, 2012

STC statement on the current oil spill disaster May 4, 2010

We need your help to generate support for special programs that protect marine turtles and other endangered wildlife! March 4, 2010

Help protect sea turtles and ban the harvest of sea turtles in The Bahamas! October 3, 2008

Your help needed to protect the Endangered Species Act! September 17, 2008

Your help needed to support increased funding for the Marine Turtle Conservation Act! March 4, 2008

Update: NMFS denies Atlantic commercial longline permit in off limit areas! September, 2007

Take Action- Help Protect Florida Oceans And The Sea Turtles That Rely On Them April 20, 2007

Proposed funding cuts for the Marine Turtle Conservation Fund! March 8, 2007

Funding for Archie Carr Refuge Now Endangered! November 15, 2006

ESA Legislation in US Senate Unlikely This Session April, 2006

Help Sea Turtles Off the Financial Chopping Block February, 2006

Anti-Endangered Species Act Bill (S.2110) Introduced in US Senate December 16, 2005

Endangered Species Act Under Attack In US Congress November 4, 2005

Public’s Comments Needed on Georgia Shrimp Fishery October 14, 2005

Endangered Species Act Under Attack – Again August 30, 2005

Bay County Lighting Ordinance Update: STC and its members shed light on efforts to rescind turtle protection measures August 29, 2005

Bay County, Florida, considering rescinding its Sea Turtle Lighting Ordinance August 17, 2005

Your Help Needed to Save Pacific Leatherbacks March 28, 2003

Help Needed to Oppose UK/Cayman Islands CITES Proposal October, 2002

Record Number of Sea Turtles Wash up on Georgia Beaches May 31, 2002

Cuba Trying Again to Open International Trade of Endangered Hawksbill Turtle Shells May 15, 2002

Your Help Need by May 3rd to Stop Oil Development on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast April 30, 2002

National Effort to Protect Sea Turtle Beaches Gathers Steam. Conservation Groups Join to Protect the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge August 20, 2001

Caribbean Wildlife Treaty Could Become a Reality May 3, 2001

Bush’s Former Oil Company Threatens Endangered Sea Turtles in Costa Rica: How You Can Help Stop It April 4, 2001

Act Now to help to persuade Mexico’s new administration to protect the sea turtle nesting beach at X’cacel, Mexico January 2, 2001

X’cacel – What Needs to be Done and an Update of Recent Activites!September 13, 2000

Mass Balloon Launch Planned for Veterans Day Creates Potential Threat to Sea Turtles and Other Wildlife November 3, 2000

Contact Your Senators- Ask Them to Ratify the Inter-American Convention For The Protection and Conservation Of Sea Turtles August 17, 2000

Action Needed Now To Support Proposed Marine Reserve in Texas May 8, 2000

Support Federal Funding for the Archie Carr National Wildlife March 8, 2000

“Nonsense” ESA bill introduced in the House January 10, 2000

UPDATE! Help Support the Proposed Fisheries Management Plan that would establish a zero harvest level for Sargassum in the southern Atlantic Ocean October 13, 1999

UPDATE! Funding for the Archie Carr Refuge being decided! Please contact Senators Graham and Mack as soon as possible!!! October 4, 1999

URGENT! Please help urge Senator Bob Graham to cosponsor Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s ESA bill! July 15, 1999

Congress Passes a Bad Bill to Reauthorize the Coastal Barrier Resource System June 15, 1999

Voice your Opposition to H.R. 1142, the Anti-ESA Takings Bill UPDATE June 7, 1999

Legislative Update- Your Help is still needed in Agency Merger! April 22, 1999

Sea Turtles Need Our Help- Amend House Bill 2145. The Agency Merger Issue Continues April 2, 1999

UPDATE: Agency Merger to Impact Florida’s Sea Turtle Protection Program March 22, 1999

Support needed now for a companion bill to HR. 960 (Miller bill) in the Senate! March 19, 1999

Agency merger to Impact Florida’s Sea Turtle Protection Program February 26, 1999

Help Strengthen the Endangered Species Act, Get your Representative to cosponser Rep. Miller’s Endangered Species Recovery Act February 10, 1999

Show Your Support to Protect X’cacel from Tourist Development and Help protect this sea turtle colony! UPDATED February 2, 1999

Help Ban the Harvest of Sargassum — A Vital Habitat for Hatchling Sea Turtles October 9, 1998

Kempthorne Bill (S 1180) Rides Again October 9, 1998

Help Stop Anti-Environmental Legislation – Ask Your Democratic Senator(s) to Sign a Letter to the President October 5, 1998

Kempthorne’s Anti-Endangered Species Act Bill (S 1180) Scheduled for the Senate Floor Septemeber 17, 1998

Congress Wants Taxpayers Pay for Beach Development Septemeber 9, 1998

Development threatens major Mexican nesting beach at X’cacel July 28, 1998

Sea Turtles Need Your Help to Fight Anti-Green Federal Legislation! July 16, 1998

Developers May Win Subsidies. Taxpayers, Sea Turtles, and Environment Would Lose June 30, 1998

Gulf Shrimping Season to Begin Early, Sea Turtles at Risk–Your Help Needed Now!! June 19, 1998

Florida’s Beaches and Sea Turtles Continue to be Threatened by Attacks on CBRS June 5, 1998

WTO Ruling Jeopardizes use of TEDs Throughout the World May 1, 1998

Shining the Spotlight on Volusia County’s Failure to Adequately Protect Sea Turtles April 2, 1998

Your Help Needed to Protect Turtles Nesting in Daytona Beach, Florida! March 23,1998

Critical Nesting Beach Threatened by Illegal Sea Wall! March 18,1998

There is Still Time to Call in Your Support of the Miller Bill (HR 2351)! February 6, 1998

Archie Carr Refuge up for Reranking on December 5th! November 18, 1997

Beneficial bill for Sea Turtles and All Threatened and Endangered Species Needs Your Help! September 15, 1997

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