A cute bronze sculpture of a hatchling sea turtle tipping up on its front flippers. Size: 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″

Please be aware that it can take six weeks for Joseph to make a sculpture if it is not in stock. Shipping is not included in the price, shipping costs will vary depending upon location. A pre-authorization of $30 per item will be added to your order to cover shipping. Amount will be adjusted down once actual shipping cost has been determined. Only shipped within the US.


Quillan Bronze Sea Turtle Sculptures: Joe Quillan’s great love for ocean creatures and his skills as a sculptor have made him renowned by private and corporate collectors around the world. He believes that artists have a responsibility to use their God-given abilities to contribute to their world. Through their eyes, people can learn to see the beauty and the heart of marine life and hold it as sacred as he does.

Through Joe Quillan’s own generosity, STC is able to offer you a selection of his magnificent bronze art sculptures. Your purchase of one of these fine sculptures helps supports STC’s sea turtle conservation and research efforts!

Biography: Joe Quillan was only 25 years old when asked to exhibit his sculptures at the Vorpal gallery in San Francisco in 1982. He became the youngest artist to exhibit sculptures of marine life at an internationally recognized gallery.

At 26, he won the prestigious Mystic International Award of Excellence from the Mystic Gallery in Connecticut, and shortly thereafter, he exhibited in Maui, Hawaii.

At 27, he sculpted the symbol of the Pacific Peace Awards for Sydney, Australia – a dolphin swimming with an olive branch that circled the earth. He has since had commissions from many ocean and environmental groups raising awareness of the marine environment’s fragile balance.