Information About Sea Turtles: Your Sea Turtle Anatomy/Adaptations Quiz Results

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Photo by John Moran

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Correct answers are listed below:

1. What do hawksbill sea turtles eat? all of the above

2. This turtle gets its name because of its exceptionally large head: loggerhead sea turtle

3. A leatherback sea turtle’s “leathery” shell allows it to: dive deep in the ocean

4. The upper part, or back, of a sea turtle’s shell is called the: carapace

5. An adult hawksbill sea turtle’s beak is adapted to: get food from crevices in coral reefs

6. The lower part, or underside, of a sea turtle’s shell is called the: plastron

7. An adult green sea turtle’s mouth is adapted to eat which food: sea grass

8. The scales that cover a sea turtle’s shell are called: scutes

9. The spikes in a leatherback’s throat allow it to eat jellyfish and then expel extra salt water

10. The best way to identify a species of sea turtle is by: the pattern of the scales on their shell