Archie Carr Refuge: Florida’s Sea Turtle Nesting Trends

nesting-loggerhead-lazaro-ruda-300x200Nesting occurs in all coastal counties except those in the Big Bend area of Florida. The highest nesting densities are located along the southeast coast from Brevard to Palm Beach counties.

Nesting in Florida by green turtles and leatherbacks has increased during the period of 1989-2005, but loggerhead nesting has shown a series of nesting ups and downs revealing no discernable trend for the same period.

The data is compiled by the Florida Sea Turtle Monitoring Program. The program includes the Statewide Nesting Beach Survey and the Index Nesting Beach Survey program. These programs are administered by the Florida Wildlife Research Institute, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and the data is collected by Florida Sea Turtle Permit Holder Groups across the state.

Statewide Atlas of Sea Turtle Nesting Occurrence and Density

Annual Trends in Florida’s Sea Turtle Nesting

Loggerhead Nesting in Florida

Green Turtle Nesting in Florida

Leatherback Nesting in Florida