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App Privacy Policy

Definition and Forms

  • Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) located at: 4581 NW 6th St, Suite A, Gainesville, FL 32609, e-mail at stc@conserveturtles.org, or telephone at 352-373-6441, operates Apps available through the Apple Store and Google Play (Services)
  • User: anyone who uses Services or accesses its interface and content
  • Contact person: anyone whose contact details or other personal data are available on any of the maps created in our Services by a User
  • Interested party: anyone who subscribes to the newsletter via Services
  • Mapotic s.r.o., Id. No.: 07181329, Pod Hájkem 2204/1, Libeň, 180 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic, email: privacy@mapotic.com (we) operates and administrates Mapotic, an online platform for businesses, organizations, or individuals who can create interactive maps and upload content that is made public to other third-party users via a web interface or a mobile application www.mapotic.com

Please read how we process your personal data if you are a User  a person, an Interested party or a representative acting on Users behalf (You). This document contains an important information about your rights.

Why do we process your data and what personal details are involved

We as the data controller process your data for the following purposes:

(1) To provide our Services: In order to fulfill our contractual obligations to you under the Terms & Conditions. Also, we verify if you are registered according to the Terms & Conditions and what functions you are entitled to. This is the fulfillment of the contract between you and us. In case you are a representative of the User, we process your contact details to be able to provide our Services to the User. That is our legitimate interest. For this purpose, we may use data you have provided to us or will provide in the future by registering to the Services and data about your Services usage. 

(2) To send news and updates: If you have subscribed to the newsletter, we will occasionally send you a newsletter about our Services to fulfill your order. In case you have registered in the Services and have not refused to receive newsletters about our Services, we may occasionally send you such newsletter because it is in our legitimate interest. You can unsubscribe from newsletters anytime, as stated below.

(3) To protect our rights. We can verify whether you as a User don’t violate the use of Services. If you do so we can defend our rights. Also after you cancel your registration, we may need your information to claim or protect our rights. Such purpose is our legitimate interest. We may use data you have provided to us or will provide in the future by registering to the Services and data about your Services usage. This may in particular include your name, contact details and information about your Service usage.

Mapotic is also the administrator of your data as they maintain the Service and at the same time may work with your personal data (for example, they will introduce you as a Contact Person or allow you to register for their service). Mapotic is an independent administrator and you can read about their processing of your personal data on their Privacy page and also learn about their Terms & Conditions.

What Data We May Collect

Personal Information

In order to provide the Services, we may collect basic personal information related to the management of user accounts. These are, in particular, the e-mail address, the user nickname and name and the city or state specified during registration. If you enter into direct communication with us, we may retain that communication and related personal information so that we can process inquiries, respond to requests and deliver the Service.

Statistical Information

In order to operate the Service, we collect and aggregate non-identifying information regarding the provision of the Service to users. This is information about the source URL from which the user visited, his IP address, the search queries used, the type of device and browser used, the time spent on the service.

In order to be able to analyze and continuously improve the provided Services, we collect information about the use of the Service, including IP addresses, statistical information on the browsing history of websites and screens in mobile applications and its approximate location. This information, including IP addresses, identifies devices connected to the Internet, but is itself anonymous and does not contain any information about the user’s identity. Statistical information is stored in a separate service without any connection to Personal Data.

How long will we process your data

Data referred to in (1) – service provision – will be processed during your registration.

Data referred to in (2) – sending newsletters – will be processed until you reject the newsletters.

Data referred to in (3) – on the protection of our rights – will be processed until 5 years after the end of your registration.

Your rights

Legal rules on personal data protection guarantee you various rights in the area of personal data protection: In the scope guaranteed by legal rules on personal data protection – especially GDPR – you may request access to your data from us (information about what kind of your data we process and how we process them), you may request the restriction of the processing of your data (it means we do not yet delete the data but we will not work with them), you may request data deletion (always if the legal conditions are met), and you have also the right to object to the processing and may exercise your right to data portability. To exercise any of these rights, contact us via contact details above – the easiest way is to send us an email to membership@conserveturtles.org and we will help you exercise your rights.

Objections against processing: If you do not agree with using your data to sending newsletters, you may unsubscribe from newsletters.  The easiest way is to use the link provided in every newsletter, or you can send us your objection by email or letter and, if technically possible, even when you register. If you refuse such processing, we will stop sending you newsletters. If you do not agree to be placed as a Contact Person in our service, please contact us and we will delete your information. You may also refuse other processing based on legitimate interest and we will limit them, unless we prove serious and qualified legitimate grounds for the processing.  

Changes to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. If we make significant changes to the Service, we will notify our users by email, however, we do not have contact information for unregistered users and therefore we ask that users of the Service check the most current version of this Privacy Policy.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this App Privacy Policy, please contact STC at membership@conserveturtles.org or 352-373-6441. You can also send a letter to:

Sea Turtle Conservancy
4581 NW 6th St, Suite A
Gainesville, FL 32609

Last Modified: February 6, 2024