Help Stop Anti-Environmental Legislation – Ask Your Democratic Senator(s) to Sign a Letter to the President

Date: October 5, 1998
Contact: Dan Evans
Phone: (352) 373-6441

How You Can Help

Democratic Senators Baucus (MT), LautenBerg (NJ) and Daschle (SD) have circulated a Letter to Senate Democrats asking them to sign the following “Dear Colleague” letter to President Clinton reminding him to stand firm and to veto appropriations bill that contain anti-environmental riders.

This letter will compliment the House letter that was delivered to the President last week. With your help, that letter reached President Clinton with 153 Democratic House Members signatures.


We need 34 signatures by the end of the day tomorrow — Tuesday, Oct. 6, 1998. So, please call your Senators and urge them to sign on to this letter. Contact your Senator in the U.S. Congress

If your Democratic Senator(s) wish to sign the letter, ask them to contact Tom Sliter (202) 224-8832 with Senator Baucus or Nikki Roy (202) 224-2094 with Senator Lautenberg as soon as possible.

You can also contact the White House and urge that the President veto ANY appropriations bills with ANY anti-environmental riders on it.

If these things get by this year, it will become common practice to write environmental policy on the sneak.

President William J. Clinton

Vice President Albert Gore, Jr.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide on this issue!