Educational Initiatives: Distance Learning: Introduction to Sea Turtles

Title of Lesson: Turtle, Tortoise, Terrapin?

Length of Lesson: 1 class period (50- 60 minutes)

Grade / Topic: 1st – 5th Grade / Basic Sea Turtle Biology & Ecology

There are five species of sea turtles discussed in this lesson: Green, Loggerhead, Leatherback, Hawksbill & Kemps Ridley. Each is distinguished from the others based on physical features, and behaviors. Sea turtles are very different from other turtles and tortoises because they primarily live in the ocean, only coming on land briefly to nest. They also have large, fin like legs and streamlined bodies that are perfectly adapted for swimming. All species of Sea Turtle found in the United States are listed as either Threatened or endangered. Some of the threats they face include loss of nesting habitat due to beachfront development and erosion, being accidentally caught in fishing lines, humans and other animal predators killing turtles and eggs for food, and ocean pollution. Conservation groups like the Sea Turtle Conservancy work with the US Government and the governments of other countries where sea turtles are found to help protect turtles and their habitats from all of these threats.

Contact Dan Evans at Sea Turtle Conservancy to arrange a date and time for the video conference. Please make arrangements at least two weeks in advance of the date of your conference request.
Phone: 352-373-6441


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