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STC Receives Funding from the Sea Turtle Grants Program

Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) has received two grants awarded by Florida’s Sea Turtle Grants Program in  support of two educational programs: Distance learning and the Tour de Turtles.

The first grant supports STC’s development of a sea turtle distance learning program that is scheduled to go live in Spring 2014. This project will allow STC to reach the next generation of technology-savvy students through high-quality educational programming to increase student awareness about sea turtles and marine conservation with the goal of creating an informed, proactive youth that will support sea turtle conservation and become environmental stewards.

The second grant helps STC continue the Tour de Turtles Educational Program through 1) developing new lesson plans for the Elementary, Middle and High School levels based upon satellite tracking and issues related to Florida’s sea turtles and habitats; 2) working with the University of Central Florida to deploy satellite transmitters on four post-nesting adult loggerhead and/or green sea turtles in and around the Carr Refuge as part of the 2013 Tour de Turtles; and 3) developing new educational multimedia material for the Tour de Turtles website.

These grants are supporting critical programs that are increasing knowledge about sea turtles and providing solutions to ensure their survival. The grants were made possible by the sale of the “Helping Sea Turtles Survive” specialty license plate, which funds Florida’s Marine Turtle Protection Program and the Sea Turtle Grants Program. To learn more, visit