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Save the Date and Help STC Raise $20,000 on Giving Tuesday!


On November 29, Sea Turtle Conservancy is participating in our 4th annual Giving Tuesday! #GivingTuesday, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, is an international day of charitable giving. This special holiday was created as a day where everyone is encouraged to contribute to non-profit organizations in their communities and around the world.

gary-releasing-turtle-giving-tuesday#GivingTuesday provides one day to make a HUGE difference! For the past three years STC has been very fortunate to feel the incredible support from our friends and donors. Last #GivingTuesday, STC supporters raised over $30,000 in one day to support the Barrier Island Center’s education and community outreach programs! In 2014, you helped us raise nearly $15,000 for repairs to our researchers’ living quarters in Tortuguero, Costa Rica!

STC is asking for your help once again this year to support our new Florida In-Water Project!

The state of Florida and its waters are among the most important in the US for sea turtle survival. The near shore waters are especially vital to young sea turtles and their healthy growth. Juvenile turtles come from nesting beaches around the Caribbean and Atlantic to grow up in Florida’s warm waters. The majority of sea turtle research is conducted when turtles come to the beach to nest, however they spend almost 99% of their time in the ocean!

The In-Water Project, based out of Cedar Key, Florida, seeks to study sea turtles in their natural habitat, the ocean. STC needs help raising the funds to purchase a research vessel, equipment and much more to begin this project. Check out the video below to learn more or click here to donate now!

We need your help! Help STC reach our goal of $20,000 by donating to the cause in one of three ways: online at, by calling 352-373-6441 or mailing a check with “Giving Tuesday” in the subject line. All checks received with Giving Tuesday in the subject line, will count towards the campaign, even after November 29th, 2016.

Funds raised during this campaign will be matched by STC’s Board of Directors, up to a maximum of $20,000! Help turn $20,000 into $40,000 for sea turtle research!

Can we count you in for #GivingTuesday? Be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter for LIVE fundraising updates on Giving Tuesday!